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Moderco is an International manufacturer & supplier of operable walls (air walls), accordion doors, folding partitions & glass walls. Our moveable acoustic sight dividers have been used around the world for over 40 years to divide meeting space in educational, religious, hospitality & convention center facilities.

A multitude of wall & panel designs, configurations and options ensures ease of movement, system durability & quick set up. Several flat wall systems and features come with limited life time warranties. At Moderco we are constantly striving to improve and offer the finest quality possible in flexible room division products. Our goal is not to be the biggest: it is to be the best.

If the economical separation of sight and sound is your desire, contact Moderco at 1 800 363-3150 or e-mail us at info@moderco.com

Recent posts
ASTM E-557

One of the most commonly specified standards found in operable wall specifications is “ASTM E-557 - Standard Guide for the Installation of Operable Walls.”  A copy of the standard is available for viewing on the “Distributor Meeting Place” of the Moderco web-site. This document is significantly important for a number [More...]

Situation #1 : A guy walks into a GM dealership and asks: “What mileage does a Chevrolet get?” Sales man hands him a piece of paper on a GM letterhead saying “Chevrolet” which indicates  that the car described gets 53 mpg on the highway and 44 mpg in the city for [More...]

STC and the acoustic expectations
The partition is installed by a manufacturer trained distributor and the world is good. Then the phone rings and the site engineer says «I can hear right through your wall. The acoustics suck and I bought the best STC on the market!» This is a common scenario in the partition industry [More...]

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